Extreme brevet around the top peaks of the Alps | 5th Edition

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Around the top piks of the Alps. Lookig at the majesty of Mont Blanc !

Starting from BIELLA crossing ITALY, FRANCE and SWITZERLAND.

Enchanting landscapes, scenic roads, majestic mountains and my bike. Challenge, exertion, the sunset on alpine peaks, the challenge of riding all around the most beautiful and imposing alpine heights. A unique and unforgettable experience!


Brevet BRM/ACP 600Km and Brevet BRI/ARI 400km


Apart from the classic 600km BRM/ACP (max. 40 hours), for those who don't feel ready for a 600km track with a difference in height of 11.000m, a reduced track of 400km BRI/ARI (max. 27 hours) is available. The 600km-track is VALID FOR THE ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP with a +50% multiplier (900 km).

Moreover, for those who want to enjoy the 600km-track in a more relaxed way, the 600km-track is also available in the max. 50 hours version. The start is set at 9 pm on Friday the 15th. As in this case the track can be covered slower, the opening/closing time of the check points are calculated for an allowed average speed lower than the usual one (those who want to ride fast must participate in the ACP brevet): passage in St. Gervais after 2 pm on Saturday (average speed of about 20km/h), arrival in Biella not before 9 am (average speed of about 16km/h).


600km  INFO on Audax Randonnée Italia (enter TBR 600)

400km  INFO on Audax Randonnée Italia (enter TBR 400)


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