Tour Blanc Rando

Extreme brevet around the top peaks of the Alps
6th Edition


Tour Blanc Rando

Around the top piks of the Alps. Lookig at the majesty of Mont Blanc! Starting from BIELLA crossing ITALY, FRANCE and SWITZERLAND.

Tour Blanc Rando Extreme Brevet: Enchanting landscapes, scenic roads, majestic mountains and my bike. Challenge, exertion, the sunset on alpine peaks, the challenge of riding all around the most beautiful and imposing alpine heights. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Brevet BRM/ACP 600Km and Brevet BRI/ARI 400km

Apart from the classic 600km BRM/ACP (max. 40 hours), for those who don’t feel ready for a 600km track with a difference in height of 11.000m, a reduced track of 400km BRI/ARI (max. 27 hours) is available.

The 600km-track is VALID FOR THE ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP with a +50% multiplier (900 km).

Moreover, for those who want to enjoy the 600km-track in a more relaxed way, the 600km-track is also available in the max. 50 hours version. The start is set at 9 pm on Friday the 15th.
As in this case the track can be covered slower, the opening/closing time of the check points are calculated for an allowed average speed lower than the usual one (those who want to ride fast must participate in the ACP brevet): passage in St. Gervais after 2 pm on Saturday (average speed of about 20km/h), arrival in Biella not before 9 am (average speed of about 16km/h).

600km INFO on Audax Randonnée Italia (enter TBR 600)

400km INFO on Audax Randonnée Italia (enter TBR 400)



Biella, colle Mocenisio, Coll d’ISERAN, Bourg St. Maurice, Cormet de ROSELAND, Col des SAISIES, MEGEVE, CHAMONIX, MARTIGNY, Colle Gran San Bernardo, Vallée d’Aoste, Biella. Download RoadBook

Biella, colle Mocenisio, Coll d’ISERAN, Bourg St. Maurice, Colle Piccolo San Bernardo, Vallée d’Aoste, Biella. Download RoadBook


  • Brione-Casellette
  • Col d’ISERAN (ristoro)
  • Saint Gervais Les Bains (Dormitory – Catering – shower – Bag Drop)
  • Martigny
  • colle Gran S. Bernardo
  • Gite “Les Cristaux” – Pierre THEVENARD – 6 pas du Roc, Saint Gervais Les Bains

Tour Blanc Rando - Map



From 15.30 – Meeting, registrations, hand in documents.

At Azienda Turistica Locale (ATL)

Dalle 17.00 – Meeting “IDEE PEDALABILI” at Hotel AGORA’

presentation GRAND TOUR D’ITALIA 2016-2019

Ore 19.00 – Route Briefing – ARI President welcome

Ore 19.45 – Pre-start “Power dinner” at Hotel AGORA’ (25€)

Ore 21.00 – start BRI/ARI BREVET 600km (50 hours)


Ore 07.00

  • start BRM/ACP BREVET 600km (40 hours)
  • start BRM/ACP BREVET 400km (27 hours)


finish 600 km and 400 km – untill 23.00

Meeting point, Start and Briefing at Azienda Turistica Locale (ATL) and Hotel AGORA’ – Biella – P.zza V. Veneto, 3




The 16th of July 2016 Vallelvobike organizes a Randonneurs Mondiaux Brevet BRM/ACP (yellow card), 600 km of lenght and crossing 3 countries, and a Randonneurs Italy Brevet BRI/ARI (pink card), 400 km of lenght and crossing 2 countries. The cyclists can ride at any speed and they cannot benefit from any other assistance apart from the one set by the organizer.
TBR implements the BRM (brevet randonneurs mondiaux) and CSAIN regulations.

Art. 1: Admission conditions

TOUR BLANC RANDO is only open to cyclists who:

  1. are aged between 18 and 75 (solar years), of both sexes
  2. are regularly registered with a sports club or association for the year 2016
  3. if foreigners and not in possess of a regular registration with a sports club, are in possess of medical sports fitness certificate and a personal insurance policy
  4. Each participant must, in all cases, have a medical sports fitness certificate valid for high stress performances, released after the 2nd of January of 2016 by a legally recognised doctor.

Art. 2: Vehicle homologation and safety

Any vehicle equipped with either two or three wheels and handlebars is admitted. The vehicles must be human-powered and have a chain transmission system with pedals.

Lighting system

Each rider must equip their bicycle with a fixed double lighting system with white headlights, visible from a distance of 100 metres, and red taillights, visible from a distance of 150 metres.
They must check that lights are efficient at all times; the system must be fasten on the vehicle also during the day.
Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other time when poor visibility conditions exist, the cyclist riding alone or in group.


During the night and with poor visibility participants must wear a reflective vest or armbands and ankle bands with reflective material. Participants must wear a rigid helmet at all times during the TBR.

Art. 3: Registration

The registration can be done:

  1. online individually from 15/01/2016 to 11/07/2016, filling out the application form on the website or through the website
  2. at the START place on friday 15/07/2016, filling out the application form and showing the documents required (see art.1).

For receiving the personal card the following documents are required:

  1. registration form signed in original (participants can download the form while registrering on the website)
  2. Agonistic 2016 membership card, front and back side

or for those not in possession of a membership card:
copy of his/her medical sports fitness certificate dated after 02/01/2016 and copy of his/her personal insurance policy.

Registration cost – BRM/ACP 600km brevet 50 € online until 11/07/2016
30 € online until 11/07/2016 + extra cost for the dorm and the assistance in Saint Gervais + 20 €

Registration cost – BRI/ARI 400km brevet
20 € online until 11/07/2016 or 30 € the last friday and saturday before the randonnée start
(bag transfer service is not offered)

Online payment: by credit card.

Art.4: Race cancellation

Considering the challenging nature of the itinerary (mountain passes above 2000 m a.s.l.), for the safety of participants, in case of clearly adverse weather forecasts for the days of the race released by the main local institutes in the last 5 days before TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME, the Organisation Committee can cancel the race with early communication on its website and the official ARI website .
In case of cancellation due to force majeure and not depending on the organiser will, those registered will be refund by the 30th of November 2016 for the 60% of the registration cost amount, with no benefits.
In case of renounce by the participant, he/she will be refund for the 60% of the registration cost amount. The refund is valid only if the renounce is received before 11/07/2016.
The renounce must be sustained by proof of the cyclist unavailability. It will be approved by unquestionable judgement of the organizer.
The amount will be refund between the 1st and the 30th of November 2016.


During TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME brevet, each participant:

  • is considered to be on a personal ride,
  • must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic codes and obey all official road signs,
  • must use all existing bike lanes.

The organizer (who recognizes the race for sports purposes only) cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur before, during or after the course of this brevet bicycle race. The organizer will not monitor any road followed or crossed during TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME.


The cyclist will start in a time interval of an hour from the start time by groups of ten riders maximum.


For night riding, all kinds of bicycles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional at all times. Riders not complying with all these requirements will not be permitted to start. Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other time when poor visibility conditions exist (rain, fog, etc.). Each rider must equip their bicycle with a double lighting system with white headlights and red taillights, and check that they are efficient at all times. During the night and with poor visibility, all riders must wear light colour clothes, a reflective vest or Sam Brown belt, armbands and ankle bands with reflective material.


Any violation of art. 6 of TOUR BLANC RANDO REGULATIONS will result in the immediate disqualification of the rider by revocation of the brevet card. Controls for such violations can be made both at checkpoints and along the ride.


Each rider on TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME must be completely self sufficient. No following cars or support of any kind are permitted on the course. Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints established and recognized by the organizer.
Riders on the course cannot take advantage of the wake of occasional cyclists on a free ride, cars or motorcycles, and cannot use fixed and steady lighting from motor vehicles.
Each rider must ride in a single line at all times. It is forbidden to ride in a double line or form groups.


Any violation of Art. 8 of TOUR BLANC RANDO REGULATIONS can result in disqualification of the rider.


All riders are required to conduct themselves in a civil and ethical manner before, during and after TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME, and respect decorum with regards to clothing.


To participate in TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME each rider must fill in a registration form and pay a registration fee set by the organizer within the set deadline.

Art. 12

At the start, each rider will receive a brevet card and a cue sheet indicating the route and the location of the checkpoints. These documents are essential requirements to obtain brevet validation; they must be taken care of and shown and filled-in at each set or surprise checkpoint along the course.
In case a checkpoint has no member of the organizing staff present, riders must get their brevet card time-stamped at a local establishment, such as a grocery store, gas station, police station, or by sending the organizer a postcard. Checkpoint information to be noted on the brevet card includes the time and date of passage. Missing checkpoint stamps or times, loss of the brevet card or producing an unreadable brevet card will result in non validation of TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME brevet.

Art. 13

Each rider must arrive at each checkpoint within the opening and closing times shown on the brevet card. The rider’s passage and the timestamp attesting it must fall within the checkpoint opening and closing times.

Art. 14

At the finish, in order to obtain brevet validation, each rider must submit the brevet card to the organizer, complete with all checkpoint timestamps.


TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME is not a competitive event, thus no rider classifications will be made.The organizer will publish an alphabetical list of all validated finishers with their riding times. Partial classification is forbidden.

Art. 16

By registering, each rider declares that, during the same solar year as TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME, she/he did not take part in any bicycle race as a (semi)professional, under-21, elite or junior participant.


Before starting, each rider must sign her/his readable name on the waiver of liability handed over by the organizer, thereby accepting its contents. By that they are also declaring that they understand and accept the TOUR BLANC RANDO REGULATIONS and that they do not use doping substances and did not do so in the past.


The organizer will release a TOUR BLANC RANDO EXTREME BREVET FINISHER CERTIFICATE to all finishers. The right to this certificate is dependent on riders completing the brevet and accomplishing what is set down in Art. 14.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED to be present at the start


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